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Thread: Flouro tippet to leader knots

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    Default Flouro tippet to leader knots

    Seems I pop tippet on 6x flouro when tied onto Orvis super strong 5 x an aweful lot. Would think I would break off at the fly but it's usually the entire tippet that goes.

    Been mostly using blood knots or Surgeons knots but saw something in Fierld & Stream (an issue from last year) where they tested several different knots and claim the SEAGUAR KNOT is the best so I'm gonna try it next time out.

    Anyone use this for tying flouro to nylon?

    Or what have you done best with?

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    I have been using RIO leaders and Frog's Hair fluoro tippet joined together with a surgeons knot (or double surgeon) for years with very few problems. It is a quick tie for me and it's the knot I use the best.

    The key is to wet all the lines and pull evenly on all 4 strands to get a proper knot. The knot strength is somewhere around 95% line strength IF tied correctly.

    Another tip is to always test the knot by pulling on it before letting a fish strip half your rig off

    It's always great to learn new knots and experiment to find what works for you. I know many "guides" will only use a blood knot in this situation.

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    Orvis Super Strong is notorious imo for that...

    One tip: Holding both of your line connections; dip them in the water before you make your knot. This will help them stay together and it seems to help with this type of problem.
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    just a thought but the flouro is always smaller diam. and tougher then cuts right through the mono when stressed.Make sure its moistened and the knot is secure.Dont let the fish tighten the knot.
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    tie a blood knot like normal only take the tag end back through the main line loop. Kinda like an improved clinch. Hope this helps.

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    The seaguar seems easier to make with my failing eyesight so I will report on it's effectiveness. I have always wetted knots; just for the record.

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