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Thread: Little River 4/5 - 4/7

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    Default Little River 4/5 - 4/7

    Spending Easter weekend with the family in the Smokies and decided to get a little fishing in with my son (12 years old). We had a great time on Thursday afternoon before the rain with a 10" Bow to hand on a BHPT and my son hooked and lost what looked to be a Brown based on the color when he jumped out of the water.

    Went back on Saturday.... what wonderful weather and a wonderful time. There's nothing like being in what has to be one of the top three most beautiful places on earth sharing and afternoon of fishing with my son. It got even better when I caught my first Brown near Elkmont... not a monster but a very nice fish... I thought I was hung on a rock at first....

    Anyway.... a wonderful way to spend Easter....

    Here's a pic (notice the red dot on his back dorsel fin.. very cool):

    Kevin Brown

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    Very cool, Kevin. Thanks for posting it.


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    What a great way to spend Easter Weekend. Nice picture.

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