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Thread: Rainbow Trout-Spawning (Info.) 4/10/12

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    Cool video.

    God Bless,
    Dances with Trout

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    Wicked awesome video Shawn!

    Your underwater videos dispel so many of my notions and confirm others.

    For example most people believe trout ALWAYS rise to the surface with their nose pointed into the current.

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    In reference to the original intent of this post, I propose a question: Wondering if we have several different strains of rainbows in the Clinch? It seems that we have already experienced one spawning (attempt) by the 'bows earlier in the year as witnessed by many folks in the "creeks" up high. Seems that I have noticed lately alot of fat females but didn't notice any fresh redds up and around millers' . I simply attributed this to fish gorging post extremely high river flows of the recent past. I always fight fish fast, and release quickly, so I hadn't witnessed any females squeezing eggs in my personal care.

    Thank you Shawn for the heads up on this recent phenom. I will be more vigilent while traversing the stream bottom per that info!


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