I fished today on the south side of miller island down towards the end of the island....got there around 3 and it was still real cloudy but by 4 the sun was out the swallows were out and the fish were smashing something on the top of the water. i started with my usual nymphs and below a yard indicator but didnt get hit. I noticed a few of these bugs coming off the water (see the pic below) but never saw a trout eat one.....im guessing they were choking on something else but im not sure what. After failing with the nymphs i started using a comparadun size 18 then a size 16 elk hair caddis (similar size to the bugs i was seeing) and had a few fish hit but but nothing steady....i started getting frustrated especially since i have been wearing em out lately. In an act of desperation or just boredom of watching the drift i tied on a black non weighted woolly bugger and started catching a fish every other cast..... they were all smallish but fun and almost all brookies. Im not sure there is anything dumber than a clinch brookie, but atleast they ate my hook.

im still a little confused what the trout were eating and im looking for insight. I dont think they were eating sulfers or any other largish hatch. so were they eating emergers or nymphs?

here is what was hatching about a size 16

a small brookie...dumb but pretty