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Clingers are clingers and swimmers are swimmers.

Clinger type nymphs stay that way until they emerge and hatch into adults.

Swimmers stay that way until they emerge and hatch into adults.

Clingers don't molt into swimmers, and swimmers don't molt into clingers.

I would love to see Blue Wings come on, on the Clinch and have personally never seen an adult or a nymph anywhere on the river. That doesn't mean they aren't there, just that I have not personally seen one.

There used to be all sorts of weird hatches decades ago, but they seem to have waned over time. Naturally I don't fish much until summer, so they may still be happening for all I know.
To clarify; I meant on the bottom and not actively hatching.

nymphs are normally outstanding swimmers, but they are reported to lose this ability when they emerge. They get to the surface by dead-drifting, buoyed by gas bubbles, or by crawling to the surface on some object and letting go to drift along in the film (rather than crawling out). They have trouble breaking through the surface film, escaping their shucks, and drying their wings to take flight.

Of course, I could be wrong. I guess I need to try and up my 100+ days of fishing the Clinch more often to increase the statistical significance of my sample sets.