Is I Got out for about an hour and a half this evening on the little pigeon. I wasn't expecting much with the cold temps from last night, but I had some free time. I waded and fished the banks for about an hour with no luck. Then I decided to walk along the bank on another stretch where I've seen fish laid up on beds before. I walked the bank once and didn't see anything. Walking back, I noticed a smallie right along the bank in a spot where I caught a good smallie last year. At this point, I wasn't sure if this fish was just chilling by the bank or guarding a bed. I made a few steps closer to the fish to get in position to make a cast. Fish spooked. Bout 30 seconds later, the fish circles around and back to the same spot. Now I know this fish I likely on a bed. I watch where the fish settles back and make a cast. Fish spooks again before the fly even hits the water. I suspect it'll circle back so I pull my bugger over to fish's holding spot and wait. I let the fly sit still for about a minute before the fish comes back to the spot. I make a small twitch along the river bottom. Fish turns immediately. Another twitch and the fish inhales the bugger. I believe I've caught this smallie two years in a row. Fun fish both years.