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Thread: Little Pigeon Report

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
    Plan on the river to be over run with the bucket fishermen over the next week. I just logged onto east tn fishing forum and read the most stupid report. This local stooge, (trying to be nice), posted a report from this morning how HE is the '"fish slayer" and telling everyone how he is catching all these "20" smallies with exact locations on the river. He even posted a "you Tube" video of himself dancing around, singing to himself holding up a smallmouth. pretty pathetic.
    Gary I saw the same stooge don't know if he's Larry,Curly or Moe. What a doofus. One thing for sure some of the river people just won't walk to.So if a person is willing he might find some solitude and un-pressured fish.

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    I have yet to see him post anything close to 20".

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    Quote Originally Posted by milligan trout degree View Post
    I saw that post and thought the same thing. Thank God I can float post the location he have away so clearly.
    Took a look at the post. Real stand up guy there...BUT I think the fish he pictured is the same fish. Look at the markings. What comes around goes around.

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