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    Default Vacation Day

    I had a few days of vacation left over from last year and was able to roll them over to this year. I used one of them today to spend the day wading a favorite stream!
    I arrived about 9am and was into fish pretty quickly. I wanted to throw topwater flies since I had luck with them over the weekend. I fished chart green stealth bombers , and yellow and black blockhead poppers all day. Epic day with many nice fish to hand and a couple of heartbreaking large fish came off after leadering them.
    This fish was about the average size caught today but it had such striking markings I had to get a few photos of it. This is the prettiest smallmouth I have ever seen.

    I did land several fish in the 17-19" range.

    I'm really enjoying the TFO BVK 6wt I bought from LRO!

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    Man! I am seriously jealous. I would take a nice colored up smallie like that over a 20" dull one. I think you and Wade have some serious smallmouth juju.

    I am liking my BVK (5wt) too. I am still having to adjust to the action, as it's much different than my previous 5wt, but a lot of fun.

    Very nice day and pics! Thanks for sharing!

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    Those first 2 photos look like the fish ran into a camo paint can. Great markings on those fish. Nice catches.

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    Awesome report and fishing as usual. I've never seen the patterns that first fish has on a Anatole before. I have seen it in pictures of shoal bass though. I'd like to find one like that myself.
    "I've got to stop wishin, I've got to go fishin"

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    That's the prettiest SM I've ever seen. Let's you know who's in charge of the painting. Only God could do something like that. Awesome photos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by No Hackle View Post
    That's the prettiest SM I've ever seen. Let's you know who's in charge of the painting. Only God could do something like that. Awesome photos.
    That's exactly right Lynn!

    Very nice fish Gary! Gotta love those bass with what I like to call "sun rays" beaming from thier eyes!

    Folks, don't be jealous of Gary, I know he has spent many years "doing his homework" honning his skills. River/stream smallie fisherman are mostly VERY tightlipped about the where, when and how. Gary is one of those who shares his knowledge, and is most helpful to those who get to fish with him. I appreciate him sharing his experience with us!


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