I couldn't take it any longer. How could any self-respecting Alabama native not have caught a redeye? Redeye bass, one of the smallest black bass, are often called the brook trout of Alabama. Arrived to find that the weatherman is full of it, as usual.

I arrived on the water with but one goal in mind and it was to catch redeye bass. I tied on one of my trusty one bugs that I tied and began the float.

I get to the point where I am almost guaranteed a redeye strike. Cast. Bam! My first.....oh, just a longear....

I go quite a ways before even getting another strike. I keep casting and I feel like something is watching me.

He kept a watchful eye on me until I was out of sight. I keep casting into typical "redeye spots." Then a tiny torpedo hit the one bug at lightning speed, I actually jumped a little. A few jumps and my first redeye bass.

Thanked him and sent him on his way..

A scenery pic.

This creek is loaded with variety. I have never caught one of these before either. A shadow bass..

I see some more rocks coming up. I get in position and get ready to make my first cast.

I can just see the redeye I am about to fool. Cast. Wait, what the? Son of a....

That trend continued all day. I would get into prime water, and my cast would be ruined by poor line management, trees, you name it. This creek was small and not conducive to casting. I probably only fished 30% of the water I wanted. For the most part it was one cast to make it count and move on to the next spot.

A couple miles down and I see a tree bent over the water. There has to be a fish there. I cast right under it, without error miraculously, and I see the redeye hit. He bulldogs down and I try to strip it in and my line goes slack. Nooo!!!!!!!! I paddle back upstream and anchor to a rock and make a dozen casts before he hits again.

Man these things are beautiful.