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Thread: Alabama jewels....

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    Nice looking water and fishes!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bfish View Post
    Coosa Bass (aka Redeye) are NOT native to the TN drainage so if found in the TN drainage they have been transported there. Coosa Bass are native to the state of TN (as it has some drainage to the Coosa in SE TN).
    Not sure what the intent of this post was, but they actually they are. Where I caught them, TN river drainage, they were not stocked. When I was in grad school at Auburn (in fisheries) we studied them. But thanks for sharing your opinion.

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    There are lots of redeye in little river! Wills Creek that runs through Fort Payne also has a great redeye population. I have lived and fished this area all my life . I was Ag teacher at fort Payne HS for 35 years until I retired this year. Wills creek runs through the middle of my farm and I have enjoyed wading and flyfishing for them for years.

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