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Im in the mountains 4+ days a week right now. 7 1/2 foot leader, no longer than 9 if you feel its too short, and the foam bodies catch fish no doubt. Dont make it compicated. parachute adams, elk hair caddis, prince nymph or a copper john. You also did not metnion where you fished. If you fish lower little river (sinks and below) dont ecpect the number or fish you would catch higher up on the same river. Same goes for alot of the rivers as well. Roaring fork is full of fish and is easy to fish. Baskins creek is small, and unless you are used to that type of fishing you may pass it up for now. With this colder weather you might go to strait nymphing (i would use an indicator) as well.
How come less fish down lower? Could you explain?