Well I waited for the bad stormss to clear then hit the little by myself for a little while. I had planned on a dry dropper with terrestials due to the heavy rain. I decided to stop at a long pool not far above metcalf to see what was shakin. I had no idea that I would not leave that spot, and almost would not move my feet for 3 hours. When I stepped in the water is was tea colored, and frothy with lots of debris. Oh, and fish were rising everywhere. Did not take long to figure out that the BWO's were coming off heavily. Tied on a 22 bwo dry and never chaged my fly. I consistantly caught and missed fish the entire time. Not sure how many I landed, maybe a dozen, with that many long distance released, and im not going to mention how many i missed on the size 22.... One of the more relaxing days I have had in a while, and it really reminded me of standing in one of the PA streams I haunted through college. Where the fish were picky and flies tiny.