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Thread: Suggestions of where to fish during TroutFest?

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    Default Suggestions of where to fish during TroutFest?

    Well, after much too-long of a wait, I am finally going to be able to attend TroutFest! I am coming up Friday morning and leaving mid-day Sunday. I doubt I will make the banquet Friday but was thinking I might fish Friday instead. I may fish before/after presentations on Saturday as well. I know all the normal spots will likely be covered up but was wondering if anyone had any tips on places to try on the TN side? I am staying at Dock's motel so anything near Townsend will be good. You can email me at dawgvet2003(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Jed Green

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    Check out some of the smallmouth water we have around. You won't be sorry.

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    Myself and a buddy form Ohio are also staying at Dock's. There is a nice access point right at Dock's and one of the Stocking points is right across the river.

    We are coming in on Wed. and fishing over in Cherokee Thursday and maybe Friday.

    Be sure and stop by our booth "Hog Creek Furled Leaders" Saturday. We will have a good supply of leaders for sale on hand and will be demonstrating how to make them.

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