Oldman and I just returned from a 2 night backpacking trip in the GSMNP. After some heavy recent rains the streams were very full and flowing very fast. However, we managed to catch pretty good numbers of fish and had a very good time. We both fished a dry/dropper, catching plenty of fish on both the dry and the nymph.

Wading was tough, to say the least. We spent a lot of time belly crawling and bushwacking through the laurel and rhodo thickets as high fast water made moving upstream impossible in many areas.

We saw plenty of bear scat, but the only wild animals we encountered were turkeys.

Oldman fighting the high and fast water.

The reward, speckled jewels.

Oldman fishing one of the few calm runs we found.

Despite the high water, it was a beautiful day to be in the outdoors.

Yellow sally.