I have learned during my short time trying to make a better difference in the world and the place I occupy....people come into your life for one of three reasons that are very important to realize and maximize.
1) A Season
2) A reason
3) A lifetime

For those of you viewing, lurking, hovering and even regularly ENGAGE. I can attest in the few months associated with this forum I have met some of the classiest, giving, intelligent people on this earth that all started during trout season a year ago. So, reach out. There is an adventure that awaits in the next pool around a big boulder or the first post you make asking a question that will be answered by few, not much in detail , witty, educating and sometimes blazing but in all, good to assisting you in connecting the dots on a good trail map.

Today I became the proud owner of Fred and Mrs. Maps complete set of 44 maps of the park. For anyone who hasn't touched or seen these maps....they are a MUST HAVE!!!!! Most important, if you haven't met Fred and Dianne you are missing much more.

I now have direction that can result in nothing but the greatest of lifes' rewards. I sat my four kids at the kitchen table tonight and explained the effort to produce such works of art and they now are the owners of something greater than pieces of paper with drawings...a commitment to get out and explore these places that are in their back yard to pass on.

If only, G. Washington who was one of our first surveyors of beauty could see these maps. What a conversation it would be with Fred, Mrs. Maps and George!!!

Thank You everyone - that has been there for my reasons and a few seasons. You know who you are!!!!