Had an awesome Saturday on the Clinch; started with SM just after the early rain up river running BHPT's under float and landed wicked awesome chunky brown about 19 or 20, several really nice bows and brookies . Just before Noon 30 I landed a very hefty bow as big as previous brown. As generation was to start we walked out for lunch.

After we moved down to Church we finally meet HH (Guru of the Holston) who was on his way out (recognized him from his manicure LOL) and asked to see his fly boxes! Hugh graciously shared several flies that I will certainly reproduce and add to my boxes shortly.

Fishing was tough through the afternoon; sparse hatch of tannish sulphers
but managed to land several chunky brookies and couple smaller bows on a flashback doing a dry/dropper with one laned on the dry.

Should have tied on Hugh's splitcase but decided to not risk losing it. Moreover I should tied on my own unweighted foam bubble surface nymph as the beads were runing under the fish that were mostly ignoring the dries and eating hard into the film on emergers.

An awesome day; sadly I have to work until at least Thursday and can do it again.