I just didn't get my fill on Wednesday and had to go back for some more.

After having to cancel my backcountry plans this weekend due to my wife's grandmother being sick, I scored a hall pass for Sunday. My buddy Trey joined me today, and we headed into the unspoiled wilderness for an adventure.

I was a little surprised to see this today. I guess everything will continue to be early this year

We hiked to the "end of the trail" and crossed the creek and headed into a slice of heaven.

I don't know why you guys want the first fish pic, but here you go. I snagged him before Trey even got his soles changed and rigged up.

I was working alot of sweet water and was coming up empty handed in 3 out of 4 pools. Was it the full moon? Was it the water being a bit high? I don't know but it was definately slower than 3 days before.

The fish that were brought to hand were some nice ones though

This next one I called - tomorrow night's dinner

Here's some stomach contents - How many bugs do you see? And this next one further proves how Byron must be crazy to tell people to use a green weenie

This next hole I call "Minature Midnight hole"

Contined in next post