One thing about staying in a frontcountry campground you always meet some interesting people. I was sitting around today just thinking back on the trip this past weekend. After all the beautiful fish and scenery the first thing that came to my mind was the good folks i met. There was the two good ole local boys that was as hillbilly as they come. A dad with his two small boys just out camping and riding their bikes. The two gents from the Atlanta area that was away from the wives doing some hiking. There was the couple i had the pleasure of conversating with on my last evening in the campground. A very nice couple and he had been a Army chopper pilot. Real nice and friendly. I'm still amazed at how he drove that long streamliner down into the valley. I couldnt hardly get my saturn in there. They travel to different campgrounds in the park for most of the spring and then again in the fall. We were talking fishing and Ian's name came up. He told me a little story about how when Ian was working in the fly shop as a young lad he would go to Ian and bow, asking," Master why cant i catch fish". Ian would bow back and say "you have waders on, stay out of the water".
I certainly enjoyed those fish but i sure enjoyed filling the down time with the nice people you meet.