My son and I fished Bradley Fork yesterday (8 to 2 or so) without much luck. Last week, we fished the same stretch and did fairly well, even managing a couple of brookies up high. I don't want any information on spots to fish, etc. but I'm wondering what the difference was? The water was definitely lower this week; but we got minimal strikes. Using yellow surface flies and a BHPT and managed some strikes, but not near as active as last week. I chalked it up tto lower water and a full moon, but after reading the fishing report and some posts, my confidence level has dropped.

I'm sure I buggered up a couple of holes by not being careful, but I was mostly careful staying low and approaching with stealth. Would a 6X leader make a difference over a 5X? Smaller flies needed? (I was using 14 and 16 and changed nymph patters several times). We may have been fishing behind someone, but I never saw another fisherman except when we were leaving.

Any helpful hints would be appreciated.