I have been extremely busy lately, with not much time to fish or post so I apologize ahead of time. I had a very unique fly fishing week last week. I went up to TN on Monday, getting there Monday evening. I was staying on a Lodge on the S. Holston.

I had tied a couple of yellow bodied soft hackles for the trip, and was able to get on the water for about an hour. I ended up catching 3-4 rainbows and a brown or two all on the soft hackle. I did not get any pictures of the rainbows, but here is one of the browns:

On day two I went on a float trip on the Holston for some smallmouth with my friends Owen, and Patrick. I ended up catching some nice smallies, and broke off a really nice fish:

I caught about a 12 inch brown that evening, then settled in for dinner. On Wednesday morning I tied on a black beetle and hit the S. Holston again for some rising fish:

You can see the bettle in this 12 inch fish

This one was a nice one at about 15 inches.

I ended up catching 4 browns that morning before heading back to beaufort.

On Saturday morning I fished and early morning tide....luckily it was early because I had to be to work at 0930. I saw one tail, and ended up catching a 25 inch red in about 6 inches of water:

On Sunday I met my buddy Paul out at the Broad River. We wanted to look for Cobia, and went early hoping that the wind would be down, but it was rough....ended up stopping at a high tide flat to look for tailers. I saw one tail show about 25 yards away....saw it twice but then it disappeared. We waited a while and once the sun was higher we went ahead and started looking for cobia. Although the wind had the water rough, with the good light it was still possible to spot fish. My partner Paul spotted a fish right before a cloud crossed the sun and lost it. After the cloud had passed I found the fish again and my partner Paul made a great cast and cuaght a nice 41 inch (Fork Length) Cobia. We looked for a while with no joy, when a fish came up behind the boat near Paul's cobia. I turned and let gave my fly some slack and saw the other fish take the fly. I would have preferred to cast to the fish after spotting it, but will take what I can get. It was a 36 inch (FL) cobia. We used a boga type grip on this fish and it was released after I landed it.

All in all it was a unique fly fishing week, I caugt Rainbows, Browns, Smallmouth, Redfish, and Cobia all on the fly between Monday and Sunday.