Last weekend was my wife's birthday, so we loaded up all our gear, baby Crosby, the dogs, etc and went to meet some friends along the North River for some camping. Being her birthday and all, I decided to limit my fishing to no more than a couple of hours the whole weekend. The fish were hungry all weekend, and I wish I could have put in some more time.

Mostly rainbows, with one wild brook trout that I couldn't get a picture of. I did turn a good size brown, who came into some swift water after my dry, but I had slack in the line and didn't get a good set on him. A few of the average fish for the weekend:

Amber decided to fancy up the place with her wine and plastic "stem-ware".

Meanwhile, Crosby has turned into quite the rock chucker. I think I'll take him down to "the bend" on little river next weekend to practice. Hope noboddy was planning on fishing for old sam.

Saturday evening I watched one of the most amazing insect hatches I have seen in the mountains. Lots of Big Golden Stones (10-12), Yellow sallies, what looked to be cahills and maybe some sort of sulphur. While I was sitting on a blanket having a beer after dark, a big salmon fly crawled up and let me examine it. I think my camp lantern killed the river's entire mayfly population that night. I had it sitting on top of my cooler, and the next morning, it looked like the mayflies had re-inacted the battle of Gettysburg on top of it.

Had fun. More to follow in the coming weeks.