Fished the clinch by the curch monday morning. Started out super slow, with very few flies in the air, and the lowest water i have seen in a long time. Later in the afternoon bugs (sulfers) hatched but the fish seemed to ignore them. Ended up fishing the faster water and catching about a dozen fish in all. 2 things really interested me though. I broke a fish off in a riffle, re tied on the same fly pattern and re casted, hooked up with a fish and landed it. and what do you know, there was my other fly in its mouth! Caught the same fish twice on 2 casts! I also saw a fellow wade through a riffle, only to turn around and fish what he walked through. And he caught fish almost immidiately! Later I walked through some water I did not realize was soo good looking until i got in it. I let it sit for like 5 minutes, then fished it. I caught my largest fish of the day almost where I was walking 5 minutes before. very odd.... On a side note, my buddy hooked a big (24 in +) brown with a size 18 fly in water that was super shallow and not so great looking. Ironically he hooked it only minutes after i mentioned that the big fish never live in the shallow riffles in the clinch!