Howzit, new here, but not to fly fishing. I thought I had to wait for approval from a mod, a friend of mine reminded me about this forum, so here goes...

From South Africa, fly fished since I was 5. Been in the states since 2001, love it. Going to be relocating to Asheville over the next year or so, not because of work, but because I need to be closer to the bluelines. Its about the only thing that keeps me motivated.

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the path to enlightenment

Favorite beer and snack


Musky have my attention too...
Well, I'd rather not bore you to death with random pix, but hopefully I can contribute something here, since my love for the smokys was revitalized this past weekend when a friend got married in Gatlinburg, hit up a few bluelines and remembered that I need to hang out on the TN side some more.
Cheers fellers