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The hard thing around here is that the smaller streams are what EVERYONE is fishing because that is the extent of our trout water (other than tailwaters), whereas out west there are stillwaters, small streams, medium streams and rivers, larger rivers, tailwaters, spring creeks, beaver ponds....... People gravitate towards the larger water meaning small streams are rarely if every crowded or even fished that much. Take me to the Smokies on any nice weekend and I can show you fishermen pretty much anywhere on Little River you want to look...around here, if you want solitude, you must put some miles behind you.
It's funny to hear this, not because I doubt your point of view, but that it's 180 degrees from my dad's POV. He being a CO (and a little of Northern NM) fisherman, he is always absolutely shocked when he comes with me to the Smokies at how there are NO FISHERMEN!

Two weeks ago, we fished LeConte Creek, Roaring Fork, a bit of Little River, and Cosby Creek - spread over 4 days, and never once saw a SINGLE fisherman!

My dad always comments about how there are NO FISHERMEN in the Smokies and always asks me "why".

Aren't perceptions funny?

My dad does make comments like "I really wonder about the fish populations here" because he will go a whole day only catching a fish or two. But his 12-year old grandson (my son), easily hauls in 7-8 on an outing.

Then he will say things like "I can show you streams like this in CO where I will pull out more nice fish in half an hour than I do here all day."

I am partial to the Smokies because that's where my cabins are, and I love the climate.

Another thing I like about the Smokies is that it's really year-round fly fishing because the streams are spring-dependent rather than snow-dependent; there are a lot of times when the CO streams have swelled so high they aren't fishable.

So I *think* that fly fishing is much more of a year-round deal in the Smokies than the Rockies.