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Thread: Smoky Mountain Candy help

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    Default Smoky Mountain Candy help

    I have been wanting to tie up some of Walter Babb's Smoky Mountain Candy flies but had a question about the tailing material. The article on LRO mentions "stiff deer hair from the back or groundhog tail". I've got a good amount of deer hair, mainly for tying comparaduns and a small patch labeled "woodchuck" which I think is what Yankees call groundhogs What do you all use for Wulff style flies when you want them to float the best? Any help appreciated.
    Jed Green

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    Jed, pretty sure i've always used 4-5 pieces of moose hair.
    Then again, I don't rely on tailing material to add much floatation.

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    The very tip end section of Calf tails (Kip Tails) is very hard and will not absorb water easily. It usually has some curl or twist to it and makes a great tailing material. It is a good substitute for Deer hair flies. It makes excellent Wulff style flies.
    Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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    Granny, do you know if you are using moose mane or moose body hair? I ask because I tied some Thunderheads with 5-6 moose mane hairs and the tails seemed to not want to float, just busted through the surface of the water.

    Hugh, Great to hear from you! The Blackbird has been a staple ever since I took your advanced nymphing class. I have never tried calftail. I'll try that. Any experience with deer/moose/elk hair for tails? If so, what specific types?
    Thanks Again,
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