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    Default size matters

    coming up to hike and fish in the park the last week in june, I'm a beginning tyer and am trying to only fish with my own ties. I know that stone flies and caddis should be fairly small #16-#18 what about nymph size and any patterns? Also what size do I tie a greenie weenie, weighted or not and I have not seen sizes for beetles or grasshoppers. Any other summertime patterns that I should be carrying.

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    Probably somewhere close to 90% of the dry flies I fish in the Smokies are #14 or #16. For the terrestrials, I would go with #12 or #14. Same with the Green Weenies. You can either weight them or not and if you do, either wire wraps or beadheads work. If you're using it as a dropper, unweighted or just a bead head work best for me. Don't forget your Stimulators, unless you were including them in with the stoneflies. I also always carry some bushy Wulff style flies when I'm fishing in the Park or National Forest.
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    I was watching a Smokys angler tie at Troutfest this weekend, and he mentioned having a stack of necks that are completely picked over of size 12 - 16 hackles. I've got a grizzly neck just like that. I normally fish a size 12 or 14 Stimulator when I'm searching, plus a lot of size 14 and 16 elk hair caddis or parachute adams.

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    I fish mostly 14 and 16 patterns too. But don't be afraid to fish larger nymphs. I'm talking 6 and 8, 2 and 3xl hooks. There are many bugs that are even larger. Maybe mister big will be in a eating mood and you'll have whats on the menu.

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    I agree with no hackle on the nymphs. Stoneflies should be large. A size 6 golden stone ( I like the rubber legged version of a blackburn tellico) with plenty of weight is the only size I carry. Turn over rocks in riffles and sein a few into a net and you'll see what we are talking about. If you fishing the little yellow salley stones or the early season little black stones as dry flies then the little 14-16s are the right size. grampus nymphs are big also and can be deadly.

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    I give the nod to "Santa"..........14 to 16 works for me.........
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