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    Post May 24 - Clinch River Report

    I have fished most of this month and experienced a wide variety of conditions on the river. So; I thought I would share if some are interested.

    Upper Clinch is cold until fog burn off (47 deg water temp.) Fish are sipping and slower to takes. Fishing the seams with nymphs is producing well until sunlight. Also; quick water and shoals are consistent.
    -Sulphurs start sporadically hatching most of the day from 11:15am onward and trout will work dry flies at pool tail-outs, shoals, and fast water.
    -Small midge emergers/black fly with puffs and long leaders are working at Millers-Upward when the fish are sipping during mid-day.
    Mid Clinch is a little warmer (57 deg on average) with sulphurs starting 7am-9pm.

    Lower Clinch-no water temp...forgot my calibrated thermometer and did not want to waste time with one I could not rely on...Best sulphur hatches on the river and late evening is spectacular on dries. Better add something to help it stand out in the river for late evening fishing. I would recommend taking a headlamp and trying one of the late hatches (7:30-8:30pm) if you have not done that before...

    *Key flies of choice:
    -split case pmds (olive & yellow)
    -wire/black fly with cdc puff for slower sipping fish
    -(#12-14) large Christmas Midges for fast water seems.
    -indicator emerger for rises
    -my variation of a spinner with parachute wings. I like to tie it on big hooks to help it sit down in the film and clarify its body profile to the fish. Also; not hackle-just poly wings.

    This pattern works amazingly well fished to a rise and sippers.

    Link to tying video:
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