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Thread: Roger Lowe's fly pattern book is back

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    Default Roger Lowe's fly pattern book is back

    Roger Lowe, who arguably the best tyer in western North Carolina, has re-released his book, Roger Lowe’s Fly Pattern Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains; 101 Traditional Fly Patterns. A gorgeous, full color 11”x 9” title, I for one am exceedingly pleased that Roger is back in the fold. The book retails for $20 plus shipping from the author. You can reach Roger at If you want to know what correctly tied flies such as the Sheep Fly, Secret Weapon or George’s Nymph look like, this attractive book is a must inclusion to your southern trout fishing library.

    Roger Lowe has also agreed to author the Fly Tying Column that will appear in the next issue (July/August) of Southern Trout Magazine. He brings a tremendous store of fly tying knowledge to the pages of this new online magazine.

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    Thanks for sharing that. I saw that book referenced in Dr. Casada's book and added it to my "list" to track down.


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    I have the book and know the man.......both are top of the list.It is good news to hear the Roger is back on the river (where he belongs) teaching and sharing what comes from the heart . The man was raised learning from the best and his ability to put you on the fish is second to none.
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    Default Link?

    Don the link doesn't work for me. I will try it another way. Just a "heads up" , I need that book for my dad for Father's Day. Good ideas for gifts for old trout guys who tie are hard to come by so thanks!
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    Roger stopped by during Troutfest and dropped off some books. We are selling them again here at the Shop and online.


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