I had orginally taken the day off work to finish up baling hay but, since it fell a flood the evening before I thought I would salvage the day and hit Slick Rock creek. I'm just a sucker for punishment I guess. The clouds were still thick and dark looking when I arrived and I thought that I was going to get soaked but, it held off and made for some excellent conditions. I could not have hand picked a more perfect day or conditions to successfully land the elusive browns of Slick Rock creek. The water was stained but, not muddy with almost a perfect flow. I hiked until I reached the 4th river crossing and started fishing and let me tell you it took some mental toughness not to wet a line in all those "lower" pools but, I knew where I wanted to be and I stuck to my guns. On the way up I passed a tent and I heard people talking inside but, I couldn't understand what they were saying. This will be explained later on.

I entered the water and went to work with a green weenie as this is the "go to" "bait" for me on browns. I fished pool after pool that just screamed brown habitat but, to no avail. These pools were deep, with over hanging branches that made them dark and ominous.. in other words the perfect ambush location for a big boy. At one point I had to leave the river to go around some deep fast moving water and as I was coming back down the bank to enter the river I saw a trout, then another and another. They were all holding in the very (8" or less) shallow water at the end of a big run out in the least shady spots. Bingo, I was moving past these fish without even giving them a shot. I eased closer to the river with the stealth of a leapord about to make a kill. With a camo shirt and hat and earth colored vest I thought I was invisible. I eased the rod out over the water and only allowed only the weenie to touch the water. Instantly a 9 inch brown raced to the surface and devoured the green bug. After I unhooked the little guy I admired his wonderful coloring, let out a big sigh of relief and released him back into the water. I only managed to land 1 more brown which was only slightly larger than the first but, I did loose a "good urn" on a yellow never sink.
I had proven myself wrong and there were still browns to be caught in Slick Rock creek. It was getting on up in the day, the sun had came out making it very bright. I was getting tired and not looking forward to the walk out in those heavy wet wading boots anyways so I called it a day. I had just stepped out on the trail and when I looked up there was a woman. She startled me as much as I did her and I politely appoligized if I scared her and she just looked at me. I said something else ( don't remember exactly what) and after what seemed like forever she said "I see you" in a weird almost mentally handicapped kind of voice. Thinking that they saw me as I passed their tent I said "yeah, I was trying to be quit so I would won't bother you when I passed the tent". Again she said "I see you" but this time a little louder and her eyes got real wide. I was thinking to myself, this chick is crazy. Finally, I saw a guy coming behind her and when he got there she went to gibbering in some language that I couldn't understand. The guy was trying to interprete what she was saying but, his english wasn't the best either. After some time and with both o f u s t a l k i n g like this we were able to understand one another. The woman was visiting from Italy and they were hiking and back packing in Joyce Kilmer because they wanted to see the old growth trees. The woman in her Google search for places to see in Joyce Kilmer and surrounding areas while at her computer in Italy mind you, found Slick Rock Creek and many pictures of it and guess who she saw a picture of holding a trout on Slick Rock creek. Yours truely. The guy helped her out and she spit out the works "I see picture of you". We done our best at chatting for a bit before they took a picture of all of us together and with his help again the woman said "I friends not believe" I just looked at her and said "Yeah, mine won't either."
I told my wife this story and I have to agree with her. What are the chances of someone from half way around the world seeing a picture of you holding a fish on a little known creek in the middle of now where and then on the very day that they come to visit that same creek they actually meet you AND remember seeing your picture.
Yeah, it is hard to believe.