my brother, my brother in law and i made the trip over to eagle creek this past weekend. we launched saturday morning at fontana marina and paddled across to the trail where we hiked up to campsite 96. luckily eagle creek was nowhere as crowded as the horde of backpackers at the marina indicated it would be. we were first on the island and then shortly after we were joined by an older gentleman and his son. he had been coming there since the 60"s. it looked like he was teaching the young boy how to fly fish. after we set up camp, we strung up and hit the stream

the fishing was good for two of us. my poor brother is still struggling with fly fishing but seems optimistic about it. it has been said it is bad luck to catch on the first cast, and he had the first cast jinx. it was the only one he caught. i hooked a brown trout in the 10-12" range, and boy did he fight. when i reached out to grab the leader he gave one last flop and swam off before i could get a pic. i caught 33 the entire trip. the brother in law also did well but i did not get a count from him.

after we packed up camp, we headed down the trail to the next campsite down from us. it was a ghost town the entire weekend from what the people passing through said. we dropped our bags and fished for about an hour before heading out. as i was sitting on a log eating lunch, i heard somebody's drag start singing. a few minutes later my brother in law came walking back to the campsite with a disgusted look on his face. he (forcefully) set down his rod and started cussin! apparently he hooked and fought for a couple minutes a rainbow in the 14-16" range. i would have been disgusted too

some idiot doing donuts in a kayak

my brother working a hole. he had just released his only one right before i caught up

the brother and " " in law

my first fish of the trip

i snuck up on my brother this time.

the only brown i landed this trip

the in law and i.

time to go home