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Thread: Fireflies?

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    Default Fireflies?

    So the lady and I were heading up to the Park next week with a few friends to see the fireflies (not our first experience but some friends have never seen). Anyway, we got a phone call this morning from the park service that they peaked early this year and will be about done by next weekend.

    Anyone out there been up on the new shuttle in the last few days that can give some insight? We are thinking we prob won't go now...

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    You could just walk upstream if you aint skeered of the dark and see if you can find out the elevation they are at,plus you will not be surrounded by sheep having a nature experience.

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    Default Fireflies

    We were camped at Elkmont 2 weeks ago and the show was in full swing... fantastic show. We didn't use the shuttle because it wasn't in service. You can drive to the parking lot above the campgrounds and see them in the parking lot....if they are still mating ??


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