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Thread: Trout Unlimited and Yellowstone

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    Default Trout Unlimited and Yellowstone

    Monday, I learned that I won the 2012 Trout Unlimited/ Outdoor Blogger Network writing contest. The contest was sponsered and judged by Trout Unlimited, The Outdoor Blogging Network, Simms, and The Yellowstone Park Foundation. I will be fishing with Chris Hunt who is the National Communications Director for TU, Steve Zakur who also won (2 writers were chosen), and Rebecca Garlock who heads the Outdoor Blogging Network.

    We will also be working while we are there. The Lake Trout problem in Yellowstone is getting serious and we will be going out with folks from the National Park service and TU to get a few of those big guys out of the water. When the work day is through, we will be fishing throughout the park. This should be fun!

    Anyway, I will post a full report upon my return.

    For those who would like to read my winning submission, you can find it here.



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    Congrats man! To say I'm jealous would be an understatement!

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    It came as a complete shock. I get four days lodging and all meals paid for, a pair of Simms waders and a Simms pack, a rod and reel from TU, and a bunch of cool swag type stuff as well. I pinch myself hourly....epic......

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