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Thread: 13-14 jun 2012

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    Default 13-14 jun 2012

    Wife and I are heading for a wedding in Asheville 16 JUN, and will get a night in Townsend WED 13th. Will get to fish a few hours WED, and plan to drive thru GSMNP and out at Cherokee THU and fish as long as I can get away with both days. Any suggestons for a place to fish on both North and South side, given restraints? Really looking forwrd to this, as have not been in the Smokies in a while. Thanks, Skip

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    If you have time to get away while you are staying in Asheville, Head over to Cattaloochie, the fishing is usually still good over there this time of year.

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    All along the road between Townsend and the sugar lands welcome center is good. The further you go up or downstream from the pull-offs the better. I caught a few in a short amount of time right along the road there.

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