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Thread: Tremont Gravel Road 6/9

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    The wife and I decided to go head up to the park on Saturday, late afternoon. Wasn't going to fish, just to take the dogs along the gravel road section of Tremont, let them get a little wet in the and eat a little BBQ from the Little River BBQ in townsend. We couldn't really move around too much since my wife still has a broken a leg from out ill fated backpacking trip over Memorial day weekend (rolled her ankle in Twentymile creek, got to walk back out on this:

    Anyway it was good day to get out and be in the park. Saw very few people fishing along the paved part of the road, and didn't go up far enough to see if there were a lot of people out further up.

    I was quite disappointed to find this at the pullout where I parked:

    I know that Blackberry Farms has their own private waters for their guests only to use, but I have also seen their vehicles along the Tremont road and in other areas of the park. I don't know if these are loaned out to their guests or if their guides are taking people into the park to fish or what. That doesn't bother me as much as if they are going to leave their litter in the park. If this from one their guides/guided trips, then it is inexcusable. If is from one of their guests, then Blackberry would probably do well to not put their name on their own 'special' bottled water from their private exclusive smoky mountain stream (language taken from the back of the water bottle) so that when their careless guests litter them in the park, us poor common folk that come along to pick up after them won't be able to put a picture of it up on the internet so that everyone can see exactly where it came from....

    In case there is any confusion, I am more upset about the litter than the high priced resort, it's just that 99 times out of 100 when you pick up litter of any kind, such as the granola wrapper I removed streamside, it's hard to know who is responsible, and this time, at least in a general sense, I do.


    As far as the fishing was concerned. I was still watching for fish, and about 6:00 evening hatches started and the fish started feeding actively on tiny bugs I couldn't see well, so much so that they were hitting the top and leaping out of the water within in inches of a 110 german shepherd swimming in the river, despite sticks being thrown in for him to retrieve. I guess after a while they just got used to the commotion and the hatch was too appealing to ignore.

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    I can sympathize on the injury, I walked out 5mi on a double fractured ankle.

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