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Thread: Tellico and a Great Connection!!

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    Default Tellico and a Great Connection!!

    if you haven't met Dean Tullock on The Hiwassee you are missing a great person to the sport. I am new to the fly and as a teacher, Dean has taken a new guy and with great patience showed me some of the ropes.
    As it happened, after many trips to the fly shop he invited me to a walk down memory lane for him and the start of one for me. As I shared a rainy day blue lining a stream I had explored much but no where close to Deans start point, I thought how close but how far I had been to the places where dreams are made and not forgotten.
    Along the way I shared with him my growing interest in Walter Babb who I had met at Trout Fest this year and where I hope a great friendship has begun in Walts teaching me of the history of bamboo and the flies of E.Tn.and fly fishing history in general. As we walked, Dean shared that he as a younger man 25-30 years ago as he fished this great stream, he met an angler on this very spot where he fished that happen to be the same Walter I had recently met. They shared stories and went about their way.
    Something was special about this conversation and I felt drawn in to a special brotherhood of times new and old!!
    Here are a few pics of my day. Thank you for those willing out there to truly getting involved in passing the torch!!

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    Default Good folks

    Breck (on the left) was kind enough to take me fishing last week on the Hiwassee and then introduced me to Dean, fly shop manager, (center) and Steve Bryson, head guide, at Hiwassee Angler. I got to meet Walter at Troutfest. Yep, good folks... all four of 'em.
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