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    Default Elkmont with David Knapp

    I believe that if you meet someone who is Passionate......and it can be just about anything , they are usualy pretty great or the best at it. I have never been associated with a group of so many intelligent, giving, classy, passionate and opinionated people in any endeavor ever.

    David, if you read this, Thank You for the opportunity for a day to be amongst a fisher of men!!

    I held my first born child in a similar fashion!!

    Stealth Mode - Can you really teach this??

    My idea of true persistence against a truly opposing force of nature!!

    We all have to start somewhere!!

    Its been said that you can walk on water.........if you know which rocks to step on!!!

    My last pic of greatness,

    I have begun to get this pic posting thing to work. I will do better. I promise. Thank you David for a patient display of your passion to an elderly student.


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    Breck, I had a great day out on the water and am looking forward to another trip. You learned very quickly how to fish the nymphs, and I was impressed with how fast you were catching fish that way. Next trip we need to hit up some good dry fly water!
    "Then He said to them, 'Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.'" Matthew 4:19

    Guided Fly Fishing with David Knapp
    The Trout Zone Blog
    contact: TroutZoneAnglers at gmail dot com

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    Man, Breck you have been hitting some water lately! I'm definitely jealous, as most probably are, that you got to fish with David. I sure could use some mountain fishing tutorials!

    Good fishing and report guys!

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    Picture number four, on the far side against the far bank is where I caught a 10" bow on my last trip to Elkmont.

    I'll probably be going again Sunday

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    AL trout bum - shoot me an email.

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    Looks like a fine day.
    Wild troutin, blue linin, fly flingin, camo wearin, redneckin elitist.

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    Talking You win the best and most posts of the month

    You've been putting the rest of us to shame

    Great set of posts lately in a variety of locations. Very impressive Keep up the good work. Plus you always get extra jeaulousy points when you can get the internet "King of the Smoky Mountain Browns" to take you.

    I've been real busy with life and just got back from vacation only to find the computer I shut off before vacation was dead so I will try to get a post out soon as this board has been lacking in content lately

    Looks like you have a bad case of Trout Fever

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