I'm taking a friend of mine on his first backcountry fishing trip. He's also pretty new to backpacking as well but I'm confident he can hike 5-7 miles...nothing more though. I would like to stay at the same site for two nights. I am thinking about three possible destinations and need a little general info regarding species, difficulty, etc. on a few of them.

Cataloochee area. #39, #40, or #41. Species? size? Lots of water to fish? What are the campsites like?

Noland/Forney area. Same questions as above. I'm looking at #62, #63, #64, or #71. I did do a backpacking trip down Forney once before but never fished the area. Is #71 the one with the big chimney?

I'm also considering #23 because I've fished that area a few times and have had great luck there.

Or is there somewhere I haven't considered that you all would suggest.