Want to catch a lot of Smallmouth on the fly while being rowed down a beautiful river? Then hire Randy Ratliff of Troutfishers Guide Service !
A great day off work this week spent chasing Bronzebacks today on the Holston Proper outside of Church Hill TN. The morning started off with bass taking poppers as the fog burned off.

The river flows through beautiful pastoral lands and is just full of bass and giant carp.
I found this out when I hooked into a very large carp and he took us for a ride across river. I fought to hold on as Randy rowed to keep up with fish. The fish dove under a log and I was finally able pull it free and it took off again. Finally after leadering the fish ,it dove once more and a equipment failure released it a little too early. The rod held, the leader and knots held, but unfortinately, the hook snapped in half .this was a size 2 streamer hook. We guessed the weight close to 20 pds and around 30+ inches. Heres whats left of the fly alongside a new one.

Fish like this make you want to come back for more! Get Randy to show you the river, feed you a great lunch and teach you something new . This is my second trip with Randy and wont be my last.