The bergamot in Earl Grey is from a different plant than the bee balm but i checked a bottle of Listerine and thymol from the wild bergamot(bee balm)was a main ingredient.

The rural recycling places around Castlewood Va.where our family farm is have long lists of the native herbs they will buy along with current prices.I used to wonder why some trees were bare of bark til I learned the bark(slippery elm tree)was a main ingred in birth control pills.

It is amazing how muchmoney you can make diggin certain herbs but it is also disgusting to see the greed of some of the folks who dig seng and other herbs out of season and on land they do not have permission to be on.

Cumberlandgal has a bunch of smoky mtn flowers on her photo site along with info on them.The marsh in Alcoa near McDonalds has a bunch of cool and rare plants that she tells about.

Great post David as usual,it is cool that you also stop and smell the roses along the creek.