The forum has been kinda dead the past couple of weeks and fishing reports have been sparse, maybe because of the heat or whatever, but anyway here is a report.

Went fishing up on Sams yesterday evening afterwork with Jason (JayB) and we got up to the parking lot at about 5:30 and started hiking in. We passed another angler coming down the manway who had fished Thunderhead from Long Branch up to the lower falls on Sams and he said that the fishing had been somewhat slow, but that he had caught 11, and that the green weenie was the doing well as well as a BHPT.

We stopped at one enticing deep hole where we could see the brookies cruising and feeding and although we had planned on going much further, we couldn't not fish it. Unfortunately, we only got a couple of hits, I got an immediate hit on the dry (yellow never sink) and several delicate tugs on the dropper (pink weenie). Jason tried a streamer deep and got a couple of hits, but nothing to hand.

We then headed a good ways up before we started fishing (about 1/2 way between the 2nd and 3rd crossings)

The fishing was indeed slower than usual, but every good hole usually produced one fish, or at least a strike. But also often after the first hit/strike/fish, the run or hole or pool shut down completely.

My First of the day.

Jason working a pool

Another decent sized brookie. Almost every fish I caught was on the dropper, the dry received very little attention.

So at the end of the evening, I decided to try one last cast in the last few minutes when you could still see the dry and this guy nailed the dropper:

10" Bow

Within about a minute of landing him, it was too dark to see the dry, and I decided to end on a high note.

Good evening to be out there.