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Thread: Morning On a Small Subdivision Lake

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    Well I thought I would try the lake again with my fly fishing partner at his subdivision lake again. This was on Thursday before the big heat wave today. The morning statred at 7am and the bite was not there until around 8:30am and then they started. This was a small bass.

    The a few bream.

    My partner this big one.

    Well then he had to show off.

    Another picture

    Well we stopped around 12 noon with a total of 36 bream and 2 bass. all caught on a #10 Gaines popper with rubber legs, chartreuse with black tail. We had a great morning and the heat today broke 105 degree. To hot for me. Thanks for looking at the pictures and hope everyone has a great 4th of July.

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    Looks like a fun morning with a good friend. Thanks for sharing your joy!

    Have you tried any streamers or wet flies on the lake? I bet you may get some more takes from the bigger fish holding a bit deeper. Not as much fun as topwater; but, adds some variety..
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    Shawn Thanks for the reply and yes we have tried wet flies and they work very good but have not tried streamers yet. Good thought and I will try that next time. I am sure we will be good more because the heat here has killed the trout fishing for me for now.

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