In the belly of the 35#+ striper I saw along with the other 20 stripers she was hanging out with!!! In that deep section above Cold Water and below Offut shoals in the bend. No mistaking what these were. No visible "threadfin shad" schools either so that bunk won't fly. We also saw a few stripers below Donny Scruggs's farm as well.

Maybe a bounty tournament? Big money for some stripers caught in the upper Clinch some weekend. Kill'em and grill'em tournament at 61 Bridge Ramp some Saturday? Anybody in? I will throw out the first $100 to the winner, bring the grill, and the refeshments! HA!

Disclaimer: While the above tournament probably would not be legal it is a shame that the river is coming back only to have these packs of wolves feeding off what we and the state have tried to improve over the past few years.