First off a big thanks for all the knowledge recieved from this site and the fishing report. Also, a special thanks to Duckypaddler for onsite information at camp (did manage to get a brooky the afternoon after you left)

This trip was a lot of firsts. First time my wife and I have ever hiked and camped in the backcountry. First time catching a trout on a fly rod. First time catching a brooky. Also, completed my first smokey mountain slam. Wife got to see her first wild bear up close and personal. Temperature wasn't to hot, camping was great. All four campsites at 24 were full of fisherman, and there was enough water up there we were able to fish fresh water everyday. Fished up Rough Creek and Little River. The learning curve for flyfishing and proper sneak techniques wasn't as bad as I thought. Did get to see some lightning bugs at night doin' there thing, and one big bad thunder storm all night long. We now are both addicted to backcountry camping. Too bad it is a 5 hour drive.