So, Jayson Alexander, who writes for the Maryville-Alcoa Daily Times, and I hiked to Fish Camp Prong on Tuesday the 3rd. We were welcomed by a Park Ranger (D.W.) and he told us people were already on the stream at CS30 and CS23. Dang! The ones at 23 were fishing with Zebcos. Better! So anyway, we hiked up Fish Camp and put in above the first waterfall/cascade which is in the vicinity of the camprock along side the creek (on the left going up). We used Yellow Sallies and a dropper with a nymph, or another dry fly...which is not really a dropper but is too. Anyway...he caught 45 and I caught 25. I figured out why he caught more than me...he had his flies on the water more! Let me explain. I am 48.. He is 18. You probably guessed what the age difference also entailed....he can still see tippet and those ridiculously tiny hook eyes that I am supposed to guide a rope through a needle's eye. So, I need to man up and say, while he was fishing, I was threading!!! Whats this all about?! This is not fun!!! So, I made the mistake of telling my wife and kids. They laughed their heads off and made lots of fun of me not being able to see. My wife handed me her PURPLE SPARKLY reading glasses and told me I might need to use them. Can you believe that!!!!

Any way...70 brookies and bows were just jumping out of the water into our hands. The smallest brookie was about 1 1/2 inches and the largest was 8". The rainbows were all larger. It was not until CS 23 that we stopped catching rainbows. We pulled out at the old CS 25 and walked the RR track/trail/manway back to the trail. We found an aluminum plaque in the ground which signified the birthplace of a baby in 1923. It was just off the trail near the RR ties. We presume it was a set-off house (stringtown) because we could not understand how a 9 month pregnant wo..... I better stop right there.

On our way out it began to rain. It was very enjoyable..that rain was. We ran into a group of three backpackers who wanted to know if "we had fished the lake up there?" I asked "What lake? There is no lake up there." She responded, "You know, that one over the mountain." "Fontana?" "Yes." I told her "well yes we did." ha ha ha

We met the guys with the Zebcos. They got skunked and could not understand why. They could also not believe we could "wave those long poles around those vines." ha ha

What a day! 70 trout, Zebcos, a lake fishing trip, the need for glasses, rain, a good friend, and all that for FREE! As I walked over the last bridge I yelled "I LOVE THIS PLACE!" was a good day.