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Thread: Elkmont Overnighter

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    Smile Elkmont Overnighter

    With record temps blazing through the South East, my buddy Trey and I headed up above Elkmont for a backcountry adventure. It was pretty cool for most of the trip with the exception being at the campsite which was at a flatter little bit open making us remember what we were escaping from.

    We enjoyed a nice hike in, the rhodo was still at a perfect peak, and graced us with beauty the whole walk in

    We were able to see other flowers blooming also

    We made it to camp, and found that we were the second people there for that night. We quickly chose one of the nicer spots, and set up camp.

    Once camp was set up we fought off the swarm of bees that make this sight home, and headed up the trail to the river.

    I was wanting to hike a bit higher, but Trey thought the water in front of us looked perfect so we hit the river in hopes of a good day fishing. In the first 3 pools, I had one hooked and missed 2, which was much better than my last Smokies experience

    First fish

    Logging remains are everywhere you go up here

    After a few more Rainbows, I was glad to finally meet up with this guy

    Should have just left that yellowhammer tied on!

    Plenty of distraction to give me excuses for missing 2/3's of the fish

    And the beauty hidden underneath

    A few nice fish, but most were on the small side. Just glad they are still biting. Here is my second best fish of the day (Best shot out of my wet hand like a bar of soap)

    Lots of nice scenery to make you forget about everything else

    And even a waterfall at the end of the day

    While the numbers may have not been as high as they were in May, it was still excellent fishing, and I was having a great time.

    Once at camp we changed, relaxed, got firewood, and did our best to stay cool. For dinner we gorged on Lemon Garlic chicken, fresh corn picked the day before, and pretzel rolls - none of that dehydrated food here. With dusk approaching, Trey was whipped and was ready for bed, so I soon retired myself. As I layed there I soon drifted to a great nights sleep

    I'll post the second day in another report. If you want to see more pics:

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    Looks and sounds like a great trip. much better than sitting here in the low land and all the heat. Thanks for posting the pictures and report.

    Keep them coming.

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    Looks like fun. I need to get away and just might do a solo trip next week some time.
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