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Thread: Fishing + Camping = Fishcamp

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    Talking Fishing + Camping = Fishcamp

    I woke up after alomost 12 hours sleep in the backcountry. Trey had already had coffee and breakfast. I woke up for a few minutes, chatted with our neighbor campers, and got ready for another day of fishing. Since one group wanted to go up to Grouse creek, and another wanted to chase Brookies, we took the downstream water. After working a few pools below the Fish Camp Prong confluence (water temp 66), I told Trey to let me try the bottom of Fish Camp, and immediately the fish started hitting. We then changed our plan and starting hiking up the trail. Since Trey fishes much slower than I do (Banker trying to relax as much as fish) he took a stretch, then I hiked about 5 minutes (1/3 mile) above him to ensure he would have all fresh water and hit the stream myself. I was soon rewarded with this guy.

    The stream was low, but still a good fishable level, and the water temp had dropped to 65. As I looked around I was surrounded by simple beauty.. While the primary mission is fishing, you'd be silly not to stop and take this in

    But the fish were biting good, and while most of them looked like this guy, I was happy to be catching at a really good rate.

    This was the best stand of Balm I saw the whole trip

    As I worked my way upstream. I ran into this place that made me wish I had worked on my bow and arrow cast some more. Usually I let Freddie have all the pools like this, but since he wasn't there I gave it a shot. Hooked a giant one - A giant Rhodo bloom

    Well after spooking every fish in that pool I worked upstream and was rewarded with this guy. It was my best fish of the day.

    I was soon about to hit the cascades. Lovely place

    And then above that some more quiet stillness

    Then I was soon at the named cascades

    Will continue as I'm out of pics

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    Default Continued

    I caught a few more of these guys, and had to head back down river to meet Trey

    As I hiked back down the trail it hard not too feel like royalty when the trails are lined with flower petals.

    I met up with Trey and we hiked back to camp. He was staying another night, but I on the other hand, had to head back

    I had a great walk out, and was glad to have a great backcountry trip. I was now totally refreshed and ready to get home to the family.

    As I was hiking out I thought I saw Breck and David Knapp

    Must have just been their ghost.

    Great weekend in the Smokies - what else could one possibly ask for

    And even more pics at:
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    Looks like an awesome trip up there! Those flowers are really incredible and it looks like the fish were agreeable as well. I need to get back up to that stretch of stream sometime. It has been too long since I made it up there... Thanks for the report and great pictures!
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    Another awesome report!
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    Great report. I fished there last summer. Great spot.

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    Great photos! Lee

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