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Thread: Farewell Trip

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    Good luck buddy.

    jasonkelkins at yahoo dot com

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    Best of luck to you...


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    Wow! That's great. I'll miss your reports, I've always enjoyed them so much, especially the photography. I feel like I know you personally just from the board. Best of everything to you and your new endeavors and I'll pray for you.
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    This must be the time for changes - I'm in the midst of a job change myself. You could be moving to worse places - you'll have a ball fishing out there. Such variety, from very big streams and tailwaters to remote streams and alpine lakes. I'm heading out to the San Juans with my youngest at the end of this week. However, I know what it means to miss the Smokies - we were talking about that just the other day, and we're definitely looking at a spring trip.

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    Well David; I too have enjoyed your posts, pictures and friendly sharing of your experiences.

    You will find the fishing is less than year round out west due to run-off from melting snow... so I expect you'll be coming back to fish in the early Spring.

    I hope you get to fish the Saint Vrain and become a true trout bum!

    Check this out when you get to boulder:

    Many of my best fly fishing friends (some famous who I will not "name drop") first met In Boulder; some were students, some professors & some trout bums... this was in the 70's.

    They shared a big house with the only requirement being a dedication to fly fishing.... you have "read them", tied "their flies", and seen "their art" or purchased "their products" but back then they were just trout bums at the University. Over the years I've heard countless stories of their "college days" fishing the Boulder area. You'll have an awesome time; looking forward to hearing about your new adventures!
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    Thanks everyone for the well wishes and prayers.

    Corbo, fishing at certain times will definitely be challenging although I intend to broaden my horizons to include still waters (when the ice is off, and maybe even ice fishing!) and hopefully some of the fine tailwaters. I'll be back for sure though to see family and enjoy the Smokies, hopefully during the spring hatches in March. You seem to be speaking from experience so if you have any knowledge of the St. Vrain I would love to hear about it (feel free to shoot me an email). The St. Vrain and Boulder Creek will probably be my primary "home" water although I hope to make lots of trips to the South Platte as well as over the divide to hit some West Slope waters. Thanks for the tip on the fly shop...
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    Get in touch with me when you get out here. I can put you on some blue lining for cutties, browns, and brookies. Also can help with some BIG fish in the larger waterways. Hope you have been tying tricos, and big stimis. You will be out here for the fall and big fish running up from the lake in the Dream Stream.

    Hope you are ready for Boulder; it is commonly refered to as 30 square mile surrounded by reality.

    Eirik Svare aka bones 502-386-0226

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    Default Colorado

    Have fished a lot of So. Colo, Gunnison one of my all time favorites. Grand Mesa is also a hoot; Butz Lake one of the best, but hard on flies as no room to cast and you lose a lot. Am going to float the Black Canyon of the Gunn in SEP; three (3) days and two (2) nites in the Canyon. Really hoping terrestrials all we need; hope to use only big foam hoppers as they hold up well and are easy to fish with. Any one have any suggestions on hopper colors for SEP in the Gunnison? Leaning to brown, away from green, but not sure about orange/red. Any help appreciated. Will try new camera and hope to post some pix. hw3

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