I went out on what was really a marginal tide prediction yesterday evening. I had seen on Saturday that there was a little extra water and figured it was worth a shot. Turned out to be a good thing. I went out to a flat with my fishing partner, and as we got where I could see the flat about 200 yards out I told my partner....there is a fish tailing. He headed that way at a trot. We got closer and he started after another fish, and I went out to where I had seen the one. He ended up spooking that first fish and I ended up catching the one I was after. It was 22.5 inches:

I started looking for another fish while I watched my partner start casting to another. It wasn't long before I heard his fish take and watched him hook-up.....I did not get a picture because about this time I saw another fish. All it showed me was about 1/2 inch of tail, and I made a cast. The fish disappeared, and as I stood there I thought I caught a shadow moving towards me..I crouched down and kept stripping with nothing....got to the point where I had no more line to stripp and I started sweeping my rod tip....still nothing. I swept my tip until the line passed me on the right, by this time my position in that half crouch was getting to be very uncomfurtable so I slowly stood up....and the fish bolted from about 4 feet away...as I started to curse I felt my rod jerk...he had already taken the fly.

About a 20 inch fish.

I had one other fish swim right to me without showing a sign, and spook, then I had another fish show himself twice from about 50 yards away....only a swipe or two of the tail and then nothing. I got one more shot at a fish as I was leaving, and the shadow of the line spooked him. Not a bad day at all though 3 caught with two others that should have been caught.