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Thread: 07-21-12 Smokies Trip

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    Default 07-21-12 Smokies Trip

    So as many of the regulars know, Jason (JayB) is moving from the Knoxville area to head up to a new job in Richmond, Va. He's actually on his way up there now, but we had a chance to sneak in one more trip yesterday morning before he had to leave.

    A Little bit of Background:
    I met Jason in 2006 when he moved to Waco, Tx to start graduate school at Baylor and began working in the same research group as me. Over the next few years we did a lot of fishing trips whenever we could get away from work and school for a day or even a few hours. These were mostly canoe and lake fishing trips for largemouth bass and bream. My wife has been visiting the smokies her whole life and her family loves it so much that her parents moved here when she graduated high school. So when we were engaged and after we got married we made several trips up here each year. In this time, my father in law introduced my to fly fishing and on one of these trips I got my first fly rod from LRO and took it back to Texas and attempted some warm water flyfishing without much success. Soon after this, it was time for me to graduate and I had the opportunity to take a post-doc position at ORNL which made it possible to move in the area, which I did in 2009. Shortly after that, I think Jason got his first flyrod and took after all sorts of warm water species. A few months after being here, someone in another research group asked me if I knew any other organic chemists who would be looking for a post doc soon, and I immediately got Jason in touch with him, and he and his family came up here in 2010. Since that time, we have spent countless hours learning fly fishing in the smokies, and he got me back into backpacking, which has lead to many of the adventures we have posted over the past couple years and many more which we never wrote up. We were talking yesterday when we were hiking out about the progression of our fishing to being first along the roads in the park. And then only fishing on streams that weren't along roads, to now where we mostly go to streams where there aren't any trails and sometimes no manways either. That being said, it has been a great couple years, and even though it was time for him to move into new and exciting career, I know that we'll have many more in the future, just not as frequently.

    THAT HAVING BEEN SAID...Since our wives wanted us all to hang on Friday night until late, it was difficult getting going in the morning, but we still managed to get to the trailhead by 8 am and were very excited to be only the second or third car there.

    We immediately began hiking as soon as we had our rods rigged up and headed up the trail. We were running to a lot of spider webs, which is always promising for a day a fishing.

    When we got to our destination the conditions seemed perfect:

    The fishing was great and so I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but I will say the majority were taken on the dropper witha few on the dry.

    I know Jason took a bunch more pictures until his camera battery gave out, so maybe he'll add some when he gets them uploaded and everything.

    The fishing was so good neither of us wanted to stop but I was supposed to be meeting my wife and in laws between 12-1 and he was supposed to be home by 1. We were both late, but oh well.

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    Looks like a fun trip.
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    Smile Thanks for posting

    Glad to see I wasn't the only one running late

    Looks like the water was significantly lower on that side of the park compared to where I fished, but still at good fishing levels

    Let me know if you ever want to get out sometime

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    I'm getting ready to change jobs too (locally though so I'm not going anywhere) but I'll have a week in between in the first part of August, so I'd be up for something if you are around.

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    Nice, I'm really liking the look of that first pic! Glad you guys got to go and get after them for a bit. Looks like a good time.
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