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Thread: Tying Challenge: Week 6

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    Default Tying Challenge: Week 6

    Ok, for this week's challenge, let's leave it as wide open as possible and tie our favorite terrestrial pattern(s). We did ants a few weeks ago so I would suggest generally doing something other than ants although if you have a killer pattern you did not share then let's see it!!!
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    OK here is a few that will catch the smallies..... bream and the painted fish...especially the butter -belly brownies. Be safe

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    Was hoping to do some tying yesterday, but things got crazy. I'll recycle this one which I have posted before in case this week continues to be too hectic and I don't get to it.

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    Ok, I finally got some time at the tying desk last night, and man am I rusty. Didn't pay near enough attention to detail, like I normally do.

    Here are a few hoppers I threw together....

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    I haven't fished the caterpillar, but the beetle works.


    The last two work, trust me.

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    I like to fish grasshoppers. This is the best hopper I know of (if I say so myself )

    Hook: Tiemco 200R 14 & up
    Thread: 6/0 color to match body
    Post: white poly yarn
    Hackle: usually grizzley or brown (or both)
    Rib: copper wire
    Tail: that's right a very short tail - deerhair
    Body: tan super-fine dubbing (or lime green)
    Under-Wing: deerhair
    Over-Wing: turkey tail (x2 on larger flies)
    Legs: Pheasant Tail tied in knot (intentionally tied bow-legged)

    I grew up drowning grasshoppers and also tie this pattern in lime green and green deerhair. It floats like a cork with the deerhair under-wing and I think it gives it a distressed look - but that may just be me. Anyway, the Speckled Trout will jump out of the water to hit it!

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